Who we are

armore® is an Italian furniture brand that uses only real materials such as wood and iron

We are Simone and Luca, two cousins ​​who grew up together often playing in our parents' carpentry shop, a game that after a few decades has transformed into armore®.

For us, all homes in the world must transmit positive energy, harmony, warmth, comfort, well-being. It is the furniture that instills these sensations which are contained in a magical word, love in Italian.

Italy is our center, our culture, the way of living, of thinking, influences our ideas, armore® is the point where we rework them to make them universal.

In everything we do we are ready to do the best. We choose small, targeted series rather than large-scale production. We prefer high-quality, locally sourced raw materials over less expensive imported components.

In each of our collections we highlight aesthetics with simple lines giving value to practicality, the craftsmanship learned as children is our soul, what really distinguishes us.